De vuelta a la tierra /
Returning to earth

¨For the first time in my life I have dug into the ground. I dug deep with the shovel in the soil. The gray, sandy earth that then emerged was strange, almost sinister even. Its mysterious gravity amazed me. When digging, I came across many roots, which, however, I could not assign to any plant or tree nearby. Thus, there was a mysterious life down below that until then I had remained unaware of. [...] Since I have been working in the garden, a strange sensation has accompanied me, a sensation that I did not know before and that I also feel very strongly in my body. It is a feeling of the earth, which makes me joyous. Perhaps the earth is a synonym of the bliss that today is moving further and further away from us. Returning to earth therefore means returning to bliss. The earth is a source of happiness. Today we abandon it, especially as a consequence of the digitization of the world. We no longer receive that life-giving force from the earth that makes us joyful. The earth is reduced to the size of a computer screen.¨
                                         Loa a la Tierra /  BYUNG-CHUL HAN